Kelly Rae Roberts


Medium: Mixed Media and gifts

Let Art out, Let Love in…

With inspiring and colorful messages, these works of art will have you glowing with sunshine. As a former social worker, Kelly Rae Robert’s has blossomed her new career in to a whole new direction, and I like it. Each piece is a wonderful work of art captured with words, nature and figures all rolled up into a collage of encouragement. See for yourself.

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Lovepop Cards


Medium: 3D Greeting Cards

Wouldn’t you love to receive one of these extraordinary greeting cards? I would! These 3D mini sculptures are in a league of their own. With an intricate design and a brilliant surprise when opened. Each card is an engineering-creative sliceform kirigami. Wow! But non-the-less, awesome, expressive, unique and a true keepsake for sure… Visit their site.

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Kevin Eager


Medium: Painter

New England has it’s own style, culture and artisans and Kevin is in that league. With a decade in Rhode Island his paintings reveal true results. From water treasures to boats and just the right amount of color, his technique really rocks on layering and scraping. The hues are weathered, comfortable and familiar. Having grown up painting along side his dad, his true art form has evolved and makes you want to steal a piece of each one. Enter his world.

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