Kristen Gossler


Medium: Painter

Expressive, organic, mathematical and an extension of the psyche. Where does it began as were it may end…The symbolism of Kristen’s work may provoke these conscience notions or stray in a successful image. You decide. I find each piece of her work a masterpiece of unfiltered society and an interpretation into her series of unanswered compositions. Unique without all the noise!

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In God We Trust Ceramics


Medium: Ceramics

American, family-made, operated and made with love. Ahhh… so nice to see more wonderful talent here in RI. I happened upon these in a coffee shop and snagged a business card immediately then hopped on my laptop to see what their unique housewares are all about! In love with the themes, hand painted colors and made-to-order creations. If you are looking for the perfect ‘homemade’ gift that would reflect someone special, this is your place. Visit the website, you will be glad you did.

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Dean Crouser


Medium: Painter

How the west was won!? I am a deep admirer of Dean’s work. Living in the Northeast and never traveled to Oregon, I can only visualize the wildlife and it’s existence through Dean’s incredible and colorful creations.   Wow! I received one of his cards as a birthday gift from my Aunt and have been astonished by his technique, subject matter and all around looseness of his watercolors. I keep staring in amazement. You will too.

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