Scribble and stone


Medium: Jewelry

This jewelry has got it going on! Irish designer Jenny Kiernan has funk mixed with contemporary and a hint of minimalist thrown in. You are definitely going to be noticed. Each piece begins with a drawing then sculpted and mixed with gemstones, excellent quality aligned with geometric lines and soft material curves. View the global inspired collection.

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Lenny Halzel


Medium: Mixed Media

Lenny’s life in the arts has never stopped. Formally trained in graphic arts, his endless passion to create, refine and build warrants these wonderful pieces of wooden creations. With a start of poplar wood that transforms with paint, stencil and design, each finished piece is unique.   Hence the title ‘Unique Wall Art’. Love the concept of starting something and letting the art direct itself… Bravo Lenny!!

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3U Design Studios LLC


Medium: Jewelry-Bangles

How could you not love these bangles!? With 3 generations of Udelson’s hence the 3U name, the designs are fresh and exciting.   You will have to display more than one… With high quality brass seamless rings, hand embossed and finished with silver or hematite plate, the look is unique. Choose from limited and themed collections along with custom orders.

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