Lisa Mackey


Medium: Jewelry, Handbags, Belts, Homeware

Lisa’s got it going on… From economics to leather her creations are nothing but fine features. Using Rhode Island’s leather machinery her collection is made up of jewelry, belts, handbags and very chic functional desk attire. The materials are unique with a twist of elegance, hip and urban vogue. Her mesh lariats are adorned with pearls and stones and will beautify any neck or waist. See for yourself.

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Marci Davis


Medium: Collage

Bright, colorful and brilliant! Marci’s collages are an escape into genre.  With hints of playful reality, the tactile effect will have you staring at these for hours. Each little detail is pleasing to the eye with recycled elements that make up the whole scene. With some hidden images, you will have to decide is it the gift of beauty?!

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Nina Ackmann


Medium: Painter | Photographer

Nina’s creations are in a constant state of movement. As an artist, her relationship to color varies with each pigment and how it can effect mood and emotions. Nature is a large part of her world and continues on the canvas and how the colorings respond to each other. Working as a psychotherapist, she and her works are always in motion, learning and change. Nina continues to be inspired by learning and life.

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