Adam Jaye Porter


Medium: 2D, 3D, Collage, Photography, Video, Animation

Chances, accidents, fantasies? All these eccentric visuals comprehend Adam’s work. Include rituals of memory, past exposure and the imaginative mind and you’ve got yourself a collection of narrative pieces that excite the awareness! Muse on over to his works…

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Porter4 porter3 Porter2

Liza Stace

Train 2

Medium: Exploratory Printmaking, Photography, Drawings

Liza arranges and creates art from abandon spaces across the globe. There is much secluded form here. Follow her relationships amongst these ruins, and what has been left behind, and you will discover hidden philosophies, uniqueness and parallels…

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Villa Buenos AiresStace4Villa RosaStairs



Mark S. Knapp


Medium: Woodworking and Photography

Woodturning… a new form of art for me and I like it! Mark creates these wonderful wooden creations that will leave you in awe. The skills and the final pieces are mastered in a multi-step process. A very talented artist with a fine eye in photography.

Visit: Mark S. Knapp

Knapp4 Knapp2 Knapp1