Floating Stone Woodworks


Medium: Wood Craft

Michael Pietragalla believes in quality and it’s quite evident in his woodworking craft. With an Arts & Craft style his furniture is functional and easy-on-the-eye. With the perfect loft setting, he creates traditional-like pieces, encourages custom work and does repairs along with restoration. With a variety of wood choices, his work is flawless and his passion for excellence emulates.

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Ted DiLucia


Medium: Paint

I would describe Ted’s work as an American painter with Urban Pop Traditionalism twist… Why? His paintings evoke a real sense of realism topped with history and symbolism throughout; follow the circles… With a self taught passion for art history his creations are as unique as the artist himself. View his collection it’s quite impressive!

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Read Exclusive Interview here.

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Tender Light Creations


Medium: Jewelry

Organic elements with a twist of inspirational materials. How could you not fall in love with these beauties!? Susi is the maker of this fine collection and her experimental ways combined with her passion for studying shapes and color shines throughout.   With each creation of mediums (i.e. sea glass, pebbles etc.) her collection are truly brilliant.

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