Dean Crouser


Medium: Painter

How the west was won!? I am a deep admirer of Dean’s work. Living in the Northeast and never traveled to Oregon, I can only visualize the wildlife and it’s existence through Dean’s incredible and colorful creations.   Wow! I received one of his cards as a birthday gift from my Aunt and have been astonished by his technique, subject matter and all around looseness of his watercolors. I keep staring in amazement. You will too.

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Keith Lewis


Medium: Jewelry

With his creativity from movement, these fine pieces will have you seeking kinetic meaning. The color pallet of heated copper explores the organic side of reds. Animate designs call to each piece and beauty constantly rises in meticulous forms. At times accidents are shaped and new varieties and shades are born. I love all of Keith’s collection!

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Barbara Masterson


Medium: Painter

Highly trained with an art background and art education, Barbara is well versed in figure painting and trained with worldly artists. She draws her inspiration from landscapes, variations of lighting and pure nature. With local subjects as her muse, a sense of emotions can be seen and felt. Her genre topics are innate within her. View her work, it’s inspiring.

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