Blue Dog Art


Medium: Painter, Photography

Her colors are rich and subjects familiar. Rhonda Melucci’s art reflects her passion for life directly on canvas. With realism reinstated and inspiration all around, it’s not hard to find all the beauty in her work.   Her photographs are equally impressive and original. Encounter her concepts…

Visit: Rhonda Melucci

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Jonathan Almond


Medium: Painter

Jon’s work is in a league of his own. Each piece is a mini travel adventure. As a self-taught artist he has mastered the hues and intensity of watercolor throughout the globe. The detailing, off-and-on-the-beaten-path creations are vibrant with energy and charm. Discover Jonathan’s world…

Visit: Jonathan Almond



Deborah Baronas


Medium: Paintings, Charcoals, Window Panels

Am I moving through time or have I just lived in the current? With Deborah’s pieces and installments the moment brings you back and forth from present to past. It’s movement in artist time…Reflection and stages of our lives keep us in the now. The mediums are textiles and images that echo relics and dance around us to form what we think or want to have seen… It’s magical.

Visit: Deborah Baronas

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